• Point measurement with Ion chamber in Phantom+ - The Ion Chamber Dose-tool extracts the dose in the position of the ion chamber from the dose calculated in the TPS. It allows you to enter dose measured with an ion chamber in the Delta4 Phantom+ and compare it dose with planned dose in the positon of the ion chamber. To use the Ion Chamber Dose-tool, go to Edit/Ion Chamber Dose…, choose what ion chamber you are using and enter the measured ion chamber dose for each field. The tool will immediately give you the offset between planned and measured dose.
  • Support package export - A Support Package is a folder containing a copy of your Equipment database, an anonymized patient measurement, temporary data for the measurement and a Debug Log file. Support packages are very useful if you want to share your measurements with the ScandiDos support team. To create a support package, open the measurement you want to share, click File/Export measurement and choose file format Support Package.
  • Backup of Delta4 databases - Lastly we would like to remind all our users of the importance to create backups of their databases. Should the databases disappear somehow, you will thank yourself for creating a backup.