ScandiDos has signed an interoperability agreement with Elekta for the DeltaDiscover transmission detector.

We are now working on the validation specification and hope to have an approved system to be used during treatment on Elekta therapy machines in the near future. Since November 2017 The DeltaDiscover has been approved for use by Varian Medical Systems on TrueBeam® and Clinac® Systems and is now in clinical use during treatment. 

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Delta4 Discover is the only transmission detector that is clinically available and that has the technology to perform a complete verification of dose delivery.

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Questions that can be answered based on the independent measurements from the Delta4 Discover:

  • Will the patient actually receive the treatment prescribed?
  • What dose did the OAR receive?
  • Can I adapt the last fractions to improve the treatment?
  • How can I improve my quality assurance workflow?
    • Do I have to perform my regular Pre Treatment Verification?
    • Can I remove some of my machine QA work since it verifies all the individual MLC-leafs in real-time?

About ScandiDos AB
ScandiDos AB is a global leader in the development of advanced dosimetry and QA (Quality Assurance) products, which ensure radiation doses in advanced cancer radiation therapies are delivered to the patient in the quantity and manner intended. The company’s measurement systems and software are designed to meet QA requirements and provide validation for new cancer radiation treatments being implemented in clinics across the world.

Headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, ScandiDos was founded in 2002 and has grown to include offices in Madison, Wis., Beijing and Paris. With its global footprint, ScandiDos has installed dosimetry and QA solutions in 45 countries, and its systems can be found in leading cancer centers worldwide. Since April 2014, ScandiDos has been listed on NASDAQ First North Stockholm with the ticker symbol SDOS.

Date: October 25, 2018