7 reasons why Miami Cancer Institute uses the Delta4 Phantom+ MR

Miami Cancer Institute (MCI) became the first U.S user of the Delta4 Phantom+ MR in early 2019 after having invested in a ViewRay MRIdian.

After extensive usage, Senior Medical Physicist Tino Romaguera, D Sc., DABR gives us a general description of the process of implementing the Delta4 Phantom+ MR for patient-specific QA in a MRIdian Linac in his whitepaper.

Tino Romagueras´s conclusions about the Delta4 Phantom+ MR:

  • A solid system that offers reliable results in any operation conditions
  • Excellent handling for positioning and alignment
  • Simultaneous measurement and analysis for two orthogonal planes
  • Higher measurement resolution compared to the competitors
  • An easy and solid calibration procedure
  • Low directional dependence
  • Very powerful software analysis.

(Photo: T.Romaguera)