Delivery QA processes of Radixact® Synchrony® with Delta4 HexaMotion system

Clinical experience

Participants will learn quality assurance techniques that can be used to verify the precision and safety of Accuray Radixact® Synchrony® treatments using the Delta4 Phantom+ and Delta4 Hexamotion, simulating real patient variable movements.

  • Patient QA process and workflow
  • Outcomes from planned to delivery
  • Best features of Delta4

Dec 7th at 8:00 PM CST / 15:00 CET

Dec 8th at 2:00 PM CST / 21:00 CET

Presentation by Aaron A. Kempenich, Altru Cancer Center

Aaron A. Kempenich, MSc, DABR, RSO, medical physicist, and Radiation Safety Officer, at the Altru Cancer Center, Grand Forks, ND.

The Altru Cancer Center was the second site in the world, and the first non-academic site in the world, to use the Radixact® Synchrony® on a patient.

Presentation + Q&A, 30 minutes