Delivery QA processes of Radixact® Synchrony® with Delta4 HexaMotion system

Clinical presentation

Presentation by Aaron A. Kempenich, MSc, DABR, RSO, medical physicist, and Radiation Safety Officer, at the Altru Cancer Center, Grand Forks, ND.

The presentation covers:

  • Patient QA process and workflow
  • Outcomes from planned to delivery
  • Best features of Delta4

Interview with Aaron A. Kempenich

Patient QA on Radixact with Synchrony

Altru Cancer Center uses the Delta4 HexaMotion platform when performing QA on the Accuray Radixact with Synchrony. Aaron A. Kempenich describes the QA process, workflow, and the outcomes from planned to delivered.

Aaron A. Kempenich, MSc, DABR, RSO is a medical physicist and Radiation Safety Officer at the Altru Cancer Center in Grand Forks, ND.