Ivrea team and Delta4 Discover

Real-time verification with Delta4 Discover

Real-time verification with Delta4 Discover
Delta4 Discover is an ultra‐thin transmission detector that enables users to perform everything from machine QA to dose delivery verification at treatment. Real-time verification with Delta4 Discover ensures patients are treated according to plan while immediately detecting errors. Delta4 Discover is approved for use by Varian on TrueBeam and Clinac systems.

“When implementing the Delta4 Discover it was a very simple characterization process, we did not have to do beam modeling and the automated interfacing with the R&V system enabled a seamless workflow. It is not time consuming in our daily routine and we intend to use it continuously in all treatment fractions, and also use it for our SBRT treatments and implement it in our Machine QA program.” Dr. Edoardo Petrucci, Medical Physicist, Ivrea Hospital – ASLT04 in Italy

Clinical Experience at Ivrea Hospital ASLTO4

Real-time verification with the transmission detector Delta4 Discover

How has Delta4 Discover affected the daily workflow and what are the results?

Presentation by Dr. Petrucci and his team at Ivrea Hospital, Italy

  • Patient safety
  • Online Monitoring
  • Workflow
  • Clinical results


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