New software release!

The new Delta4 software version* (1.00.0260) contains several improvements. Below is a few examples.

We recommend upgrading to the latest Delta4 software version to receive the best workflow experience.

Machine QA on Halcyon/Ethos

With Delta4 Machine QA, you can use your Delta4 Phantom+ to examine the symmetry, flatness and energy, and the MLC positioning (for both layers of the Halcyon dual-layer MLC) of your linac, in the same time you would spend performing a single regular patient QA measurement. The software option also lets you examine the machine start-up behavior and long-term stability.

Merge multiple measurements

The merging of multiple measurements can now be done for unlimited measurements. No limitation in longitudinal field size and resolution for measurements.

Automatic field sequencing for TomoDirect plans

Measure Tomo direct treatments without having to start and stop the measurement between the fields

Automatically import new plan to existing patient

When importing a plan to a patient already in the Delta4 database, the patient must no longer be opened in the software. The plan will instead automatically be imported to the right patient.

The new software version is available for Delta4 users with an active software maintenance agreement. Please contact your ScandiDos representative if you have any questions.