New software release!

The new Delta4 software version* (1.00.0271) contains several improvements. Below are some highlights.

We recommend upgrading to the latest Delta4 software version to receive the best workflow experience.

Delta4 Measurement software 

Share dose results with IBA MyQA iON software

Display your measurement results in MyQA iON. Keep all your QA in one place! 

Delta4 Insight software

Recalculate plan

Recalculate the plan with the current clinic settings without having to repush the plans from the Treatment Planning System. 

Line dose in patient view

Show horizontal, vertical, or arbitrary dose profiles over the dose distribution. Easier to localize dose differences.  

Show cursor in DVH

Extract numerical values from the dose volume histograms. 

Change normalization mode

Select whether to normalize the dose to prescribed or maximum dose. 

The new software version is available for Delta4 users with an active software maintenance agreement. Please contact your ScandiDos representative if you have any questions.