ScandiDos AB, a world-wide leader in quality assurance of modern radiation therapy through advanced measurement and calculation methods, and Radyalis LLC, a pioneer in advanced radiation therapy software technologies, have entered into a formal cooperation agreement to bring to market a leadership portfolio of next-generation quality assurance solutions.

CEO Görgen Nilsson

Through this agreement, ScandiDos will utilize a revolutionary 3D Monte Carlo calculation engine for photons developed by Radyalis in our new software module, Delta4 TPV. Monte Carlo is widely recognized in the radiation therapy community as the highest-accuracy method for computing dose distribution and provides greater accuracy and confidence than many primary treatment planning tools. As compared to prevailing analytic methods, such as Collapsed Cone Convolution, Monte Carlo will enable DeltaTPV to analyze the most challenging clinical cases with the highest accuracy and confidence. This capability is of particular import for lung, head and neck, brain, spine, and critical structures.

Delta4 TPV is designed for unparalleled performance on conventional workstations and/or server platforms without the added cost and complexity of GPU hardware acceleration. Fast Monte Carlo simulation provides a rigorous framework for analyzing dose-delivery and associated radiation-delivery uncertainties critical for advanced treatment workflows such as image guided and adaptive radiation therapies.

Delta4  TPV, in combination with ScandiDos existing products Delta4 Phantom and Delta4 Discover, will provide complete end-to-end verification of all treatment steps from prescription to final treatment fraction. ScandiDos, already known for the highest quality validation measurement systems, will now be able to offer corresponding patient quality assurance.

A beta release of the Delta4 TPV will be presented at AAPM 2019. Demonstrations can be booked at the ScandiDos booth #122 at AAPM 14-16th of July. Take the opportunity to join our in-booth presentation on the 16th of July at 09.45-10.05 am, for more information.

Görgen Nilsson, CEO ScandiDos, Phone + 46-18-472 3030