ScandiDos selected as preferred QA partner by first Radixact® Synchrony®customer in France

The Pôle d’Imagerie et de Cancérologie du Pont Saint Vaast has selected ScandiDos’ synchronization management QA solution to verify treatments delivered by the advanced Synchrony® feature for the Radixact® System.

The Pôle d’Imagerie et de Cancérologie du Pont Saint Vaast, a private hospital group located in the North of France, has four radiotherapy clinics with treatment machines from Accuray, Elekta and Varian. The latest addition to their treatment machines is a Radixact® system with Synchrony® from Accuray.

ScandiDos has been selected to supply Pôle d’Imagerie et de Cancérologie du Pont Saint Vaast with QA solutions for their new Radixact® system as well as for their Elekta and Varian machines.

“When implementing the Accuray Radixact® with Synchrony®, it became obvious to us to invest in the Delta4 HexaMotion. This solution was the best choice in order to control treatments of moving targets with excellent precision. In partnership with ScandiDos, we will act as a reference center for the Delta4 HexaMotion. We have been performing IMRT / VMAT treatments since 2011 as well as stereotaxy treatments on various machines. The advantage of the Delta4 is that it is a detector that is compatible with all these equipment. Its 3D representation of the measured dose is a real advantage. We find in Scandidos products what could characterize the Nordic spirit: simple and effective!”, says Esther Bouche, Physics Team Manager – Medical Physicist.

Personalized treatments require accurate and efficient QA of moving targets

Clinics in possession of advanced tumor tracking machines require an equally sophisticated QA system that can recreate tumor movements to ensure the best possible treatment outcome. ScandiDos, a world leader in QA and dosimetry, has a unique QA solution that fulfills these requirements.

Simulates patient breathing and tumor movements

ScandiDos solution ensures that the tumor tracking function of the treatment machine works. Delta4 HexaMotion is a motion platform that recreates the movement of the tumor in six dimensions. The Delta4 Phantom+ measures the 4D dose distribution and shows exactly where the dose is delivered. The new Independent Motion Platform option for the Delta4 HexaMotion is developed in close collaboration with Accuray. Its purpose is to mimic the breathing of the patient independently of the motion of the tumor. The complete solution provides medical physicists with a realistic pre-treatment verification of the delivered treatment for treatment machines such as Accuray Radixact® with Synchrony®.

“We at ScandiDos are very impressed with the extraordinary cancer care being delivered at Pôle d’Imagerie et de Cancérologie du Pont Saint Vaast. We are proud to be supporting them with tools to secure the highest level of quality in their radiotherapy treatments. The solutions we have developed specifically for QA of moving targets with our Delta4 Phantom+ coupled with HexaMotion have been very well received by the market. We look forward to cooperate with them to continue to develop our solutions.“ says Gustaf Piehl, President & CEO of ScandiDos.

About ScandiDos

ScandiDos is a world leader in QA and Dosimetry for modern Radiation Therapy. We provide professionals in the industry with power and performance through independent QA. Over 140 ScandiDos customers are using Delta4 products together with TomoTherapy® or the Radixact® System today.

About Pôle d’Imagerie et de Cancérologie du Pont Saint Vaast

Founded more than 70 years ago in the center of Douai, France The hospital group now includes 4 clinics, and has a team made up by 20 physicians, 13 radiotherapists, 12 physicists, and 7 dosimetrists.

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