Delta4 Discover - Only system in clinical use

The innovative Delta4 Discover transmission detector provides confidence and patient safety based on real time measurements. Its outstanding accuracy and ease of use assures the highest efficiency in your QA process.


Safety for the patient at-treatment

The Delta4 Discover monitors with high accuracy the dose that is delivered to the patient. It automatically compares the delivered dose with the planned dose. The patient and the clinic can be ensured that the treatment is delivered precisely and safely.

Express Measure

 Express Measure automatically and independently verifies:

  • Monitor Units.
  • MLC leaf position.
  • Gantry and Collimator Angle.
  • Patient position.

The system is easy to implement and doesn't require recommissioning.

The Ultra-thin Delta4 Discover detector uniquely gives you:

  • Maintained clearance.
  • Beam transparency: The attenuation is less than 1%.
  • Minimal skin dose: less than 1% additional skin dose.
  • Highest resolution: Verify the MLC leaf position with sub-millimeter accuracy.


“We are delighted to get the Discover technology from ScandiDos and advance our efforts to become the pioneer in radiation oncology safety practices and research”
- Dr.Ramzi Abdulrahman, Radiation Oncologist, Professor of Radiation Oncology, Texas Tech University, USA

“The Discover system allows a monitoring of the machine performances and can lead to anticipate the deteriorations of quality of the treatment.”
- Mathieu Gonod, Physicien Médical, Centre Georges François Leclerc, Dijon, France



Transmission detectors for safer radiotherapy treatments. Interview with Bill Salter of the University of Utah
Watch the Delta4 Discover in clinical use

Delta4 Phantom+

The Wireless Phantom

The Delta4 Phantom+ system offers the most accurate and most efficient verification of your IMRT, VMAT and TomoTherapy plans.

Now Completely Wireless

  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Battery operation keeps all cords away
  • New generation stable p-type detectors eliminates re-calibration
  • Absolute dose also available with ion chamber
  • Easy to move from trolley to couch with no lifting required
  • Measure where it really matters - detectors in the target region
  • Instant approval of plans

The Delta4 Phantom+ system is the only system that actually measures the  dose distribution in the isocentric region. You can thereby instantly approve the plans as you know how much dose that is delivered in the target and the OAR's.

Watch the advantages of the Delta4 Phantom+

Delta4 Phantom+ MR

Fully Compatible with all MR-linacs

The Delta4 Phantom+ MR is adapted to be fully compatible with existing MR-linacs. The electronics are mounted on the trolley separate from the phantom, and can be detached as needed. 

The Delta4 Phantom+ MR is the only system that truly measures dose distribution in the isocentric region. You can thereby instantly approve plans and know that the delivered dose is delivered in the target and the OAR's.

The Delta4 Phantom+ MR offers:

  • Measurements where it matters - detectors in the target region
  • Instant pass/fail analysis - delivered dose is instantly compared with planned dose and compared against pass/fail criteria
  • Fast set-up - easy to move from trolley to couch with no lifting required
  • Easy alignment with clear markings to position the phantom
  • Stable p-type detectors eliminates re-calibration
  • Ion chamber measurements can also be performed in the phantom
WEBINAR  A new Generation: Phantom + MR with Wilfred de Vries, UMC Utrecht. August 2019.

Delta4 Phantom+ Plastic Water

Water equivalent dosimetry

The Delta4 Phantom+ is also available in Plastic Water® which allows you to perform your patient plan QA consistent with the dosimetry protocols TG-51 and TRS-398. Your QA can now be performed without scaling artifacts due to density and correct scatter from materials with higher densities.

  • Highest accuracy in dose determination
  • Water equivalence in diagnostic and therapy range

® Plastic Water is a registered trademark of CIRS Inc.

Delta4 Phantom+ Plastic Water

Delta4 Hexamotion

Target motion management QA in 6D

The success of gating and tumor tracking requires rigorous QA and validation to meet the goal of better coverage of the target and sparing of organs at risk. The Delta4 HexaMotion 6D Motion Platform uniquely uses the patient specific tumor motion pattern and replicates it in 6 dimensions.

  • Verify the dose in moving targets
  • Which patients will actually benefit from target motion management
  • Study the dosimetric effect of motion per patient structure
  • Detect any latency in the delivery system
  • Fast positioning within sub-millimeter accuracy

Delta4DVH Anatomy

Analyze the dose delivered in the patient anatomy

With the Delta4DVH Anatomy software option you can verify and analyze the dose that has been delivered to the patient anatomy. Based on the measurements in the isocentric target region and dose calculation of the dose in the patient anatomy you now have a truly independent verification of the delivered dose.

  • Delivered dose directly in the patient anatomy
  • Independent from the TPS and the delivery system
  • Use initial CT or fraction Cone-beam CT data

The Delta4DVH suite offers full 4D analysis in both Phantom and in the Patient Anatomy.
The Professional version includes an automated analysis in 4D with customizable acceptance criteria.

Delta4DVH Anatomy

Delta4 Machine QA

Perform QA for Advanced RT in a few minutes

With modern advanced RT technology there are more stringent requirements on the accelerator performance. The Delta4 MachineQA software option for fast Data Acquisition and Advanced Data Analysis allows you to perform QA with respect to rotation, start-up behavior and dynamic beam modulation.

You can easily define test sequences that allows you to perform extended accelerator QA for IMRT and VMAT in only a few minutes. Tasks that with other methods can take up to hours to perform during the monthly QA.

Delta4 Machine QA software option allows:

  • Advanced machine QA done in few minutes
  • Stability check with high accuracy and detailed analysis
  • Beam constancy at various gantry angles
  • MLC picket fence test at various gantry angles
  • Discover and track long-term effects and trends
Delta4 Machine QA

Delta4 Trolley

Ergonomic solution

With the C-shaped Delta4 Trolley, the phantom slides in over the couch for quick and easy positioning of the phantom in the desired measurement position.

Delta4 Trolley