Dose verification in the patient anatomy

With the Delta4DVH Anatomy software option, you can verify and analyze the dose that has been delivered to the patient anatomy. Based on the measurements in the isocentric target region and dose calculation of the dose in the patient anatomy you now have a truly independent verification of the delivered dose.

With QA based on real measurements, there’s no need to trade accuracy for efficiency.

Highest accuracy with real measurements in the target region

Instant pass/fail analysis based on dose to the tumor and OAR

Clinical significance

Delta4dvh Anatomy

Clinical relevance, efficiency with accuracy

Independent from the TPS and the delivery system

Delta4DVH combines precise dose measurements with clinically relevant verification of the dose delivered to each structure. The delivered dose can be verified with better than 99% accuracy.

Relevant criteria for dose deviations

Delta4 Phantom+ allows you to set up relevant criteria for dose deviations in both the phantom measurements and the patient anatomy. Automate your analysis and instantly get plan approval based on preset criteria for each type of treatment. The result? Efficient QA that saves time and increases patient throughput.

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Analyze the dose delivered to the patient anatomy

Delta4 DVH Anatomy


By measuring in the target region, you know exactly what amount of dosage is delivered to the tumor.


You know with certainty that your QA is relevant for the patient.

And you know that you can deliver complex radiation treatments safely.


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