Water equivalent dosimetry

For clinics that base all dosimetry on water and want to stay consistent, Delta4 Phantom Plastic Water is the system of choice.

The material has been chosen for its ability to simulate water within a wide energy range.

With Delta4 Phantom+ Plastic Water®, you can now carry out QA without scaling artifacts due to density and correct scatter from materials with higher densities.

Highest accuracy in dose determination

Water equivalence in diagnostic and therapy range

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Delta4 Phantom+ Plastic Water®

Cylinder Phantom

Material Plastic Water® DT
Diameter 22 cm
Length / Total Length / Total Weight 40 cm / 71 cm / 27 kg
Ion chamber insert in cylinder Inserts for common cylindrical ion chambers available


Type p-Si
Total number 1069
Layout Distributed on coronal and sagittal plane
Max field size 20 x 38 cm2 (when merging two consecutive measurements, otherwise 20 x 20 cm2)

Distance between detectors

Central area (6 x 6 cm2) 5 mm (or 2.5 mm in longitudinal direction with merging of two consecutive measurements)
Outer area 10 mm
Size (radial x axial) 1 x 0.05mm3= 0,00004 cm3
Detector stability (6MV beam) Better than 0.1% per kGy, typically 0.04%/kGy


Modalities Photon beams, with and without flattening filter
Treatment Plan import Any treatment planning system that can export DICOM RT plan, RT Dose, and RT Structure

Wireless communication

Wireless data communication protocol Wi-Fi 802.11n
Battery operation capacity >4 hours rechargeable Li-ion battery - power supply for charging included

Plastic Water® is a registered trademark of Computerized Imaging Reference Systems, Inc. (CIRS)


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