Is the plan correct?

The Treatment Planning System (TPS) is at the heart of radiation therapy, and it’s the key to improved patient outcomes. The ability of the TPS to create complex plans allows for highly conformal treatments and improved tumor effects. Critical to its function is the accuracy of the Dose Calculation Algorithm. In fact, poor accuracy in the calculated dose distribution will undermine the quality of the entire treatment chain. That’s why it’s so important to perform independent verification of the dose calculation to ensure high-quality treatments.

Delta4 Insight verifies that the calculations your TPS makes are accurate.  


Our product

Delta4 Insight

Delta4 Insight is an independent secondary 3D dose calculation software that utilizes a Monte Carlo dose engine.

Automated Process

Modifiable accuracy and calculation time

Flexible commissioning, use golden data or your own

Highly adaptable

Integrated with the Delta4 software