Delta4 TPV* certifies the accuracy of treatment plans

You have a treatment plan. Now take the vital step of certifying that the calculations your TPS made are accurate. Delta4 TPV is an independent, high standard Monte Carlo based Secondary Dose Calculation software that ensures that the dose you’ve planned for your patient is correct in all clinical situations.

Delta4 TPV also gives you the option of evaluating treatment plans according to specific objectives. In this way, you can ensure that both the plan quality and accuracy are up to standard, while also fulfilling regulatory requirements and giving access to reimbursement.

*Only available in select markets

Treatment Plan Verification

The Delta4 TPV is an independent secondary 3D dose calculation software that utilizes a Monte Carlo dose engine.

Extremely intuitive, a single export to Delta4 TPV from the TPS triggers an automatic 3D dose calculation and plan evaluation, generating a pass/fail indication for each OAR and target objective. This allows you to verify the accuracy and quality of your plans, without adding to your clinic’s workload.

Delta4 TPV is seamlessly integrated with the Delta4 software, meaning it runs on the same user-friendly software platform as the entire Delta4 Family of products. This gives you the advantage of being able to efficiently attain QA for the entire treatment chain—from prescription to final fraction.

Fully automated Process

Modifiable accuracy and calculation time

Flexible commissioning, use golden data or your own

Highly adaptable

Integrated with the Delta4 Software

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Delta4 TPV

Fast and accurate

Peak precision

Achieves an accuracy of 1%/1mm (compared to measurements and the EGsnrc general purpose Monte Carlo algorithm).

Easy workflow

The Delta4 TPV software comes with a full suite of intuitive analysis tools, allowing you to evaluate calculation results quickly and easily.

Fast calculation

With calculation times in the order of minutes, you can be confident that Delta4 TPV will never disrupt your clinic’s workflow.

Delta4 TPV

Automated and integrated


All you have to do is to export your finished treatment plan. The TPV automatically imports the treatment plans, performs the calculation, and evaluates the results.


Delta4 TPV shares the same database and Delta4 software with the entire family of Delta4 products, allowing you to keep all your patient QA in one place.


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