The fastest and most accurate 4D verification system

The Delta4 Phantom+ system offers the most accurate and efficient verification of your IMRT, VMAT, Halcyon, Radixact, and TomoTherapy plans.

It is the ONLY system that measures the dose distribution in the isocentric region and not simply in one single flat or wrapped plane.

The patented geometric, dual orthogonal detector planes and the nature of the detectors make the Delta4 Phantom+ a unique quality assurance system.

Fulfills the requirements in TG-218

Verifies IMRT, VMAT, Halcyon, SRS, SRBT, RadixAct and TomoTherapy plans

One system for patient and machine QA

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QA with the Delta4 Phantom+

To keep up with increasing complexity, and ensure each patient is treated with confidence and accuracy, it’s paramount that clinics perform a thorough verification of treatment plans.


What our customers say

As a Clinical Scientist, I value the straightforward, meaningful data that Delta4 provides. The new wireless functionality of the Delta 4 Plus makes it so quick and easy to use, it’s even been described by one member of staff as ‘an absolute dream’.

Karen Hawthorn Clinical Scientist, Newcastle upon Thyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

We chose to work with ScandiDos for our internal testing of the Synchrony® feature for the Radixact® System, because they had a robust solution for comprehensive quality assurance of moving targets. We have found the Delta4 Phantom+ and the Delta4 HexaMotion to be convenient, accurate, and easy to use.

Dylan Casey, PHD Director of Medical Physics & Systems Analysis at Accuray Incorporated

The Delta4 Phantom+ is a valuable tool for us at Herlev Hospital. We find great value in having an independent measurement of treatment plans. At Herlev Hospital we now have a complete range of Scandidos' Delta4 products covering TrueBeams, Halcyons and MRIdian.

Ulf Bjelkengren Technical Manager, M.Sc., Medical Physics, Herlev and Gentofte Hospital

The Hexamotion platform allowed for accurate phantom positioning and motion for a wide range of simple and realistic patient motions and The Delta4 phantom was found to be very reliable, easy to setup and allowed for easy analysis of dose delivery accuracy. The combination of the two allowed for validation of the Radixact Synchrony.

Lee Goddard Medical Physicist, DABR, Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, NY

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Delta4 Software

Streamline your workflow

Integrated in the workflow

Keep up an efficient clinical workflow, thanks to well-integrated software. TPS plans can be easily imported together with TPS dose and structures.

Intuitive interface

Easily navigate between patients, measurements, and analysis. All the information you need is just a click away. The QA analysis is performed automatically as soon as the dose has been delivered, instantly indicating pass or fail.

Delta4 Software

Instant and accurate analysis

Instant results

Your QA results, including dose deviation, distance to agreement (DTA), and gamma index, become available instantly—no further processing required. Easily customize QA reports to meet your specific needs.

Powerful analysis

The unique 4D measurements yield the data needed to analyze the delivered dose for fraction, beam arc, or control point. The delivered 4D dose can also be analyzed in the patient’s anatomy. The Delta4DVH suite of software modules provide unique analysis tools for finding the clinical significance of a deviation.

Delta4 Software

Instant Results

Instant display of dose deviation, distance to agreement, gamma pass rate, and plan pass/fail status.

Wide range of analysis tools including profile display, isodoses, structure overlaying, continuous dose display, and dose-volume histograms.

Possibility to calculate continuous dose distributions within the patient.


Delta4 Phantom+

Fast and accurate dose verification for your advanced treatment plans.

Intuitive software

  • Easy to use
  • Fully automated
  • Instant results in one place
  • Powerful analytic tools
  • Clear and modifiable reporting

Fast and easy calibration

  • Only absolute dose calibration needed
  • Fast absolute dose calibration in phantom
  • Optional independent check of absolute point dose with ionization chamber

Easy handling

  • Fastest setup time
  • Wireless communication
  • Battery operated
  • Requires no external trigger
  • Highest temporal resolution
  • Automatic temperature corrections

Highest accuracy

  • Isocentric measurements in two orthogonal detector planes
  • 1069 p-type silicon diodes
  • Resolution 5 mm at isocenter, can be increased to 2.5 mm by merging
  • Automatic temperature corrections
  • Measures where it matters

Long-term, stable detectors

  • No recalibration of relative sensitivity
  • Isotropic response
  • FFF compatible

Quick and easy set-up

  • No cables
  • Setup and alignment done within seconds
  • Trolley eliminates all lifting
  • Trolley available for all types of treatment tables

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One Phantom for ALL Treatment Techniques

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Delta4 Phantom+

Cylinder Phantom

Material PMMA, optional Plastic Water DT
Diameter 22 cm
Length / Total Length / Total Weight 40 cm / 71 cm / 27 kg
Ion chamber insert in cylinder Inserts for common cylindrical ion chambers available


Type p-Si
Total number 1069
Layout Distributed on coronal and sagittal plane
Max field size 20 x 38 cm2 (when merging two consecutive measurements, otherwise 20 x 20 cm2)

Distance between detectors

Central area (6 x 6cm2) 5 mm (or 2.5 mm in longitudinal direction with merging of two consecutive measurements)
Outer area 10 mm
Size (radial x axial) 1 x 0.05mm3= 0,00004 cm3

Detector stability

6MV beam Better than 0.1% per kGy, typically 0.04%/kGy


Modalities Photon beams, with and without flattening filter
Treatment plan import Any treatment planning system that can export DICOM RT plan, RT Dose, and RT Structure

Wireless communication

Wireless data communication protocol Wi-Fi 802.11n
Battery operation capacity >4 hour rechargeable Li-ion battery - power supply for charging included


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