Delta4 Statistics Module for Comprehensive Data Analysis

With the Delta4 Statistics Module, clinics gain access to advanced tools for comprehensive data analysis. With just a few clicks, the module allows you to compile information from all the plans available in your database. From tracking trends to identifying outliers, the module provides invaluable insights into treatment trends and machine performance.

Enhance your data management processes and unlock new possibilities for precision and excellence in your clinic.

Structure your measurement data

View trends

Effortless reporting

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Delta4 Statistics module

Structure your measurement data

Plan Tags

Organize and streamline your measurement data with plan tags in Delta4. Plan tags enables you to categorize your measurement plans, enabling efficient data filtering and analysis.

Customizable Tagging System

Tailor your plan tags and tag cathegories to suit your clinics specific needs.

Automated Tag Assignment

Tags can be automatically assigned to plans upon import, based on DICOM information, allowing the clinic to utulize the full functionality of the Delta4 statistics module without adding to the workload.

Mine Your Database

Unlock your database’s full potential by assigning tags and extracting statistics to all available plans. With customizable tagging rules set by the user, tags can be assigned based on all information available in the measurement file.

Customizable tagging system

View trends

Explore trends, track machine behavior over time, and identify outliers with Delta4’s comprehensive statistics module. Benefit from a a large number of relevant parameters:

Gamma pass rate (local and global)

Average gamma (local and global)

Dose deviation

Distance to agreement

Daily output correction

Track your machine behavior over time

Track your machine behavior over time

View statistics over all of your plans and find outliers

View statistics over all of your plans and find outliers

Delta4 Statistics module

Effortless reporting

Customizable, auto-updating protocols

Utilize customizable worksheets and protocols to generate insightful reports effortlessly. All protocols are automatically updated with new data when opened and reports can be generated at any time. Unlock the full potential of your database and keep track of key parameters, empowering informed decision-making and quality improvement initiatives.

Seamless integration

The Delta4 Statistics Module seamlessly integrates with the existing Delta4 software, providing a cohesive platform for patient QA and analysis. With user-friendly interfaces and intuitive features, clinics can harness the power of data analytics without added complexity.

customizable worksheets and protocols


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