Advanced machine QA done in a few minutes

The Delta4 MachineQA software option for fast data acquisition and advanced data analysis allows you to perform QA of your linac, specifically in relation to rotation, start-up behavior, and dynamic beam modulation.

Easily define the test sequences that allow you to perform extended accelerator QA for IMRT and VMAT—in just a few minutes.

Check stability with high accuracy and detailed analysis

Beam constancy at various gantry angles

Check MLC performance at various gantry angles

Discover and track long-term effects and trends

Periodic machine QA and analysis of constancy

Did you know that measurements made by the Machine QA option for your Delta4 system can be compared with TPS data or a reference measurement at any time? Reference measurements are typically obtained following maintenance and acceptance of the machine. The measurements can then be run directly in the RT machine’s service mode. Simply set up the configuration directly in Delta4.

Alternatively, the Machine QA option lets you create a DICOM RT Plan file including all tests to be performed, profiles, depth doses, and MLC checks, all at the same time! The QA routine can then be stored in the record-and-verify system and run over and over again on demand.

This routine can be easily added and run as part of pre-treatment verification with Delta4—and save you loads of time. As always with Delta4, analysis can be done at a later time according to your preference.

Delta4 Machine QA

For dynamic radiotherapy technology

Check stability with high accuracy and detailed analysis

A unique feature of the Delta4 data acquisition is that each dose pulse is measured individually and with very high accuracy. Not yet possible to achieve with other systems that sample data, this unique feature provides the basis for detailed study of accelerator startup behavior, even on a sub-MU level. Delta4 integrates one dose pulse (typically 1 mGy) at a time with a resolution of 50 nGy. The total dose is the sum of all the individual doses measured per pulse, with accuracy maintained from the lowest to the highest dose levels.

MLC performance check in various gantry angles and picket fence test

A correctly delivered dose very much depends on the field opening or the gap between leafs. The actual gap size can therefore be directly compared to the planned gap size. This comparison is carried out instantly and clearly visualized with color diagrams. MLC checks can be performed at various gantry angles to verify possible performance changes due to gravity impact on the mechanics.

Discover and track long-term effects and trends

A trend diagram summarizes the profiles and depth dose parameterization from periodic machine QA measurements utilizing Delta4. This makes it easier to spot vital trends, such as continuous degradation in the beam parameters, and more. The trend diagram is generated using measurements taken on various occasions over time. A simple click on a data point in the trend diagram displays the specific measurement in greater detail.

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Delta4 takes machine QA to an advanced and efficient level

Delta4 takes machine QA to an advanced and efficient level

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