An interview with ScandiDos' Product Manager HW Mikael Palm, November 2017

ScandiDos’ Delta4 Discover is now approved to be used with Varian accelerators. Could you please give us an overview of the tests that have been carried out?

The main focus points of the tests were safety and workflow. The main scope from us and Varian was to be sure that the Discover does not in any way affect the clinic safety or their workflow in any negative way whatsoever. The test results shows this in a very clear way.


Where were the tests carried out and who participated from ScandiDos and Varian?

The tests for the C-series linacs were performed at Varian in Palo Alto. Great location for the tests and a very helpful atmosphere! The TrueBeam testing was performed at a clinic in Sweden in close cooperation with the physics team there.


Which tests were the hardest to pass?

The hardest part to comply with for transmission detectors are the requirements on transparence. Varian have high expectations on minimum attenuation and increase in skin dose. Fortunately this was also one of our design criteria and thereby handled long ago. Recommissioning due to use of transmission detector would have been hard to justify in front of Varian and customers.


What has ScandiDos learned during this process?

We have learned a lot about clinic work flows during these tests. It has been a very interesting experience for all of us to be able to expand our knowledge about the treatment process and it was great to see how well the Delta4 Discover fits into this process.