02:45-03:05 PM 
A New Generation of the Delta4 Phantom+. Delta4 Phantom+ MR: Development, Acceptance and First Clinical Results

Wilfred de Vries, clinical physicist engineer with focus on MRI and MR-linac, UMC Utrecht

  • Challenges for QA in MRI linac
  • Acceptance results for the Delta4 Phantom+ MR
  • First clinical results with the Delta4 Phantom+ MR


10:25 – 10.45 AM
Clinical implementation of Delta4 Phantom+ MR for patient-specific QA in 0.35T MR-Linac: 
The Miami Cancer Institute experience

Tino Romaguera, D Sc., DABR, Senior Medical Physicist, Miami Cancer Institute

  • ​The actual options in the market for patientspecific QA in 0.35T MR-Linac 
  • The main technical characteristics of the Delta4 Phantom+ MR and review its commissioning process
  • The results of the use of the Delta4 Phantom+ MR in the clinical practice using different Gamma analysis criteria. The results will be also be compared with those obtained using other product 


03:45-04:05 PM
Delta4 TPV fast accurate Monte Carlo based dose calculation and next-generation patient QA

David LaPotin, Ph.D., Founder and CFO, Radyalis

  • Radiotherapy Workflow and DeltaTPV Patient QA
  • Monte Carlo Dose Calculation
  • DeltaTPV Accuracy and Performance
  • Future Directions


02:25 – 02.45 PM
Performance evaluation of Delta4 Phantom+ MR as a QA Tool for MR Guided RT:  
The Loyola Chicago Experience

Anil Sethi, Ph.D., FAAPM, DABR, DABMP, Professor Medical Physics, Loyola University Medical Center and Loyola University Chicago.

  • Unique features and clinical advantages of the Delta4 Phantom+ MR
  • Commissioning and QA requirements within MR guided RT
  • Enhanced sensitivity for patient specific QA


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