An interview with Dharanipathy Rangaraj, Director of medical physics consultant at University Medical Center, Lubbock, TX  and Dr. Ramzi Abdulrahman MD, UMC Medical Center, Professor of radiation oncology, TTUHSC Lubbock, TX, USA

You started using the Delta4 Discover clinically in April 2018. What is your experience so far?

Delta4 Discover is a seamless integrated with our treatment flow. We have moved to a once a week QA workflow compared to a pre treatment workflow. Delta4 Discover provides information that was not previously available and we are still learning how to make decisions based of this new information.


How was the implementation of the Delta4 Discover?

Dharani and Delta4 DiscoverThe implementation took two days, one day for installation and one day for training. We did the commissioning over two weeks setting up various scenarios and validated for clinical workflow. There was no modification of the planing system model that is needed and that is the beauty of this system. The attenuation is less than a percent for all energies. 


What do the staff think about working with the Delta4 Discover?

Staff loves the simplicity of it and also once mounted it stays there. The therapist got used to sliding out the Delta4 Discover to be able to see the light field. We have to remove it for the electron patients and that is a scheduling problem. We are trying to address this in order to reduce the number of times the unit needs to come off in a given day. 


Are you informing the patients about the DeltaDiscover?

Not yet. We are working with our marketing department to finalize the message and also to provide reading materials for the patient regarding this technology.


How, as a physician, will you use the results from the Delta4 Discover?

Currently we are evaluating and collecting data to do Dose based adaptive radiation therapy and to tailor dose based on daily dose accumulation. 


Why do you recommend clinics to invest in the Delta4 Discover?

After using the Delta4 Discover, I realized that it is the pinnacle of safety for treatments such as IMRT and RapidArc. I looks at several relavant parameters that affects the delivery autonomously and also actionable information of the daily dose fraction. It also simplifies workflow which enables to start patients quicker. Overall Delta4 Discover makes sense and also assures quality of each treatment beam that is delivered to the patient in real time rather than assuming.