Using the Gamma Evaluation Tool:

Looking at the pass/fail indicator for a measured plan will tell you if your plan passes or fails a certain gamma criteria based on the Dose Deviation and Distance to Agreement set in your pass fail criteria. But in certain cases you might be interested in knowing the Gamma Index Pass Rate for a number of different Dose Deviations and Distances to Agreement. In these cases we recommend you to use the Gamma Evaluation tool. This tool tells you the Gamma Index Pass Rate for different combinations of Dose Deviation and Distance to agreement.

To open up the Gamma Evaluation Tool, right-click on the Gamma Index histogram in the software and select Gamma Evaluation.


Make sure you are running the latest version

By selecting the Help menu and the option About you will get information on which version you are currently using. You also get information on when your warranty/Service contract expires. On our homepage you can always find the latest software version,


Backup of databases

Lastly we would like to remind all our users of the importance to create backups of their databases. Should the databases disappear somehow, you will thank yourself for creating a backup.

Madeleine Holm, Application Specialist at ScandiDos