The support team have performed our first installations of the Delta4 Phantom+ MR system. The system has been installed both on ELEKTA Unity and ViewRays MRIdian. Our software now supports the MLCs for both of these machines and the system is sold together with the new Delta4 Trolley MR which enables an easy transfer of the phantom from the trolley to the treatment couch. The diodes in the Delta4 Phantom+ MR are positioned in the same way as for our regular phantoms and our users appreciate being able to measure dose directly in the isocenter.

"The Scandidos Delta4 is a valuable tool for us at Herlev Hospital. We find great value in an independent measurement of the treatment plans. For commissioning of our Varian Halcyon machines, we have measured about 30 plans. We now feel confident that the machines preform and are ready for patient treatments on the first Halcyons in Scandinavia. At Herlev Hospital we now have a complete range of Scandidos Delta4, covering Varian TrueBeams, Halcyons and a ViewRay MRidian linac." - Ulf Bjelkengren, Technical Manager, M.Sc., Medical Physics. Herlev Hospital.


We are also happy to inform that the Deta4 Phantom+ is now fully compatible with Varian Halcyon. The first measurements with Delta4 Phantom+ have been performed on a Halcyon linac in Herlev, Denmark. With software support for the dual layer MLC used by Halcyon and with the Delta4 Trolley Bore which enables a smooth transfer of the phantom to the treatment couch, the Delta4 Phantom+ enables fast and accurate verification of treatment plans for Halcyon.

A Support Package is a folder containing a copy of your Equipment database, an anonymized patient measurement, temporary data for the measurement and a Debug Log file. Support packages are very useful if you want to share your measurements with the ScandiDos support team. To create a support package, open the measurement you want to share, click File/Export measurement and choose file format Support Package.

Lastly we would like to remind all our users of the importance to create backups of their databases. Should the databases disappear somehow, you will thank yourself for creating a backup.