Clinical implementation of Delta4 Phantom+ MR for patient-specific QA in 0.35T MR-Linac

WHITE PAPER by Tino Romaguera, D Sc., DABR, Senior Medical Physicist, Miami Cancer Institute

MR-Linacs using magnetic resonance imaging together with a linear accelerator to treat tumors is a fascinating technology. To ensure proper QA for MRI-guided radiotherapy the QA device must conform to the special conditions that a magnetic field presents.

Miami Cancer Institute (MCI) became the first U.S user of the Delta4 Phantom+ MR in early 2019 after having invested in a Viewray MRIdian linac. After nearly a year of extensive usage, Senior Medical Physicist Tino Romaguera, D Sc., DABR can give us a general description of the process of implementing the Delta4 Phantom+ MR for patient-specific QA in a MRIdian Linac. Learn more about the MCI experience and the reasons why they have chosen the Delta4 Phantom+ MR as their primary patient QA device

A Clinical Validation of the MR-Compatible Delta4 QA System in a 0.35 Tesla MR-Linac


V Desai*, J Bayouth, J Smilowitz, P Yadav, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

MR-Guided Patient Specific QA Devices Single Plane Ionization Array Versus Orthogonal Diode Plans


T Romaguera*, K Mittauer, D Alvarez, A Gutierrez, V Mishra, A Godley, T Poozhikala, W Romaguera, Miami Cancer Institute, Miami, FL