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Moving towards value based reimbursement

Jordan Johnson of Crux Quality Solutions discusses the future of reimbursements and why and how this may change treatment protocols in the future.

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For RapidArc® users

Reimbursement data for 2012.

For SmartArc® users

Reimbursement data for 2012.


New coding guidelines for IMRT

The new guidelines from ASTRO recommends the use of code 77300 for up to 10 dose calculations. This is applicable to both IMRT and VMAT.

The ScandiDos Delta4 Software can easily split an Arc into an arbitrarily number of Sub-Arcs. If your TPS can make separate dose calculations for the same Sub-Arcs, the verification can then be done on both the composite dose of the complete Arc(s) or at the Sub-Arc level without having to actually make any additional measurements. There by you both guarantee the consitency of your data and saves the additional time it would take with other methods.