February 2020 | eNewsletter Volume #7
Cutting-edge Technology at Herlev
What is it like working with the latest technologies within radiation therapy?
Herlev & Gentofte Hospital uses the Delta4 Family for QA on Halcyon and MRIdian. Read their story!

Why Accurray use HexaMotion

We chose to work with ScandiDos for our internal testing of the Synchrony® feature for the Radixact® System, because they had a robust solution for comprehensive quality assurance of moving targets. We have found the Delta4 Phantom+ and the Delta4 HexaMotion to be convenient, accurate, and easy to use.” - Birgit Fleurent, Chief Marketing Officer at Accuray Incorporated

Superior and Proven QA for
What are the challenges for QA on MR-linacs and what solution brings the Delta4 Phantom+ MR to the table? Watch the webinar with W.de Vries, UMC Utrecht, NL, user of Elekta Unity.

A New Era - MR in Linacs
"QA for MR-linacs must not rely on interpolations but rather real measurements in all points during the entire treatment delivery."

Service and Support
We have created a way to measure IMRT beams in sequence instead of starting and stopping for each individual beam.

We´re growing
New team members!
The ScandiDos organization is rapidly growing and we welcome new colleagues.

Webinar - The Future of QA
Join our webinar about Online Dose Verification and Transmission Detectors.

  • Why do you need them?
  • Why verifying the dose at each fraction?
  • How does this improve your QA process?

Presented by ScandiDos´ Madeleine Holm, Clinical Application Specialist and Medical Physicist.

Date: February 13th

Innovative and Efficient QA