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“We are delighted to get the Discover technology from ScandiDos and advance our efforts to become the pioneer in radiation oncology safety practices and research”

Dr.Ramzi Abdulrahman, Radiation Oncologist, Professor of Radiation Oncology, Texas Tech University, USA

“Now, we can determine daily dose variation through measurement, which was never possible before. We believe this new data including machine dose fluctuation and daily patient anatomy variance will allow us to study radiobiological effects of daily dose variances on tumors and open a new area of research and new level of assurance.”

Dr.Ramzi Abdulrahman, Radiation Oncologist, Professor of Radiation Oncology, Texas Tech University, USA

“We are excited about the Discover technology as it eliminates the guessing game and assumptions about daily dose delivery. This fundamentally changes how we perform quality assurance and document doses delivered to patients using direct measurement.”

Dharanipathy Rangaraj, Director of Medical Physics Consultant, University Medical Center, Lubbock Texas, USA

“We serve our community and safety is not a promise it is a priority. We look forward to informing our community that our continuing efforts to ensure safe radiation treatments have reached a new pinnacle with our investment and adoption of Discover technology”

Sharon Shoulders, Cancer Center Director, University Medical Center, Lubbock Texas, USA

“The Discover system allows a monitoring of the machine performances and can lead to anticipate the deteriorations of quality of the treatment.”

Mathieu Gonod, Physicien Médical, Centre Georges François Leclerc, Dijon, France

“Major advantage is 2D measurements of all LINAC parameters (energy, gantry and collimator angles, leaves positions, field size…) that can be associated to a laser check of patient positioning. Whatever the technique used, especially intensity-modulated one, there is no need to define an appropriate measurement point. Delta4 Discover is an integrated part of the verification of treatment quality, it is a step towards security of treatment.”

Aurélia MANA, Radiophysicienne, Centre Antoine Lacassagne, Nice, France

“The Delta4 Discover has the potential to give users unprecedented information on radiotherapy treatment delivery from modern linear accelerators.”

Mr. Andrew Robinson, Chief Physicist, The Harley Street Clinic, London, UK

“The Delta4 Discover In Vivo Dosimetry system provides a benefit for The Lopburi Cancer Hospital by checking the real delivery dose to our patients. This system provides confidence during treatment for our patients with advanced techniques, such as VMAT & IMRT.”

Mr. Somsak Khuanchana, Chief Medical Physicist, Lopburi Cancer Hospital, Thailand

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The Delta4 Discover is the first and only transmission detector approved for clinical use. Cancer treatment clinics across the world can now independently verify that the precise radiation dosage is administered to the patient during treatment in exact accordance with the prescription with Delta4 Discover, a state-of-the-art 4D in vivo dosimetry system from ScandiDos.

Accurate and independent verification of prescribed dosage has posed a challenge in advanced radiation therapy. Delta4 Discover is the first and only system that can perform an independent and automated verification of the planned radiation dose with the administered dose with the highest level of accuracy, ensuring safety for the patient and precision and QA efficiency for the clinic.

The Delta4 Discover’s Express Measure automatically and independently verifies monitor units, MLC leaf position, gantry and collimator angle and patient position, while the detector provides maintained clearance, beam clearance, minimal skin dose and the highest resolution. Download Brochure Download product sheet for Varian

Delta4 Discover Applications

  • VMAT and IMRT
  • FFF
  • 3D Conformal
  • Hypofractionation
  • 4D Treatments
  • SRS/SBRT cases with non-coplanar beams


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